we are open again from 15/9
musíme to opravit

w e a r e

multifuncitional space

bar, club, cycling studio, stage, gallery, gym and outdoor space

we are instantly in motion, fascinated by the streets of the magical world of which we can not tear off

we move the city existence towards adventure

we want you to live it with us

the island of freedom, close to Vltava river, just bellow Letná: ex ice stadium stvanice in person

b a r

close to each other as usual, a gentle hum of the faema legend E61 coffe machine and exactly 268cm to the south rigorous sound of the freewheel made in campagnolo

natural apple ciders, locally roasted coffee, regional breweries,

French, German, Czech and Moravian wines with minimum of chemistry,

the best spirits in the neighborhood and simply ingenious food

the pure beauty behind the bar - the crew you won´t resist

we open in the afternoon. we close when we get bored.

w o r k s h o p

due to government restrictions,
the workshop operate just only
as a self-service emergency spot
public stand, pump, tools, tubes, lights:
available 4U
ask our bar staff

we build custom bikes and provide emergency service

we recycle and modify solid material of its era and we return it back to the streets

we lend for free the tools and assembly stands

we sell components, tires and accessories

we vow to the power of our own energy and the best technology

we´ve spent years in the saddle and traveled tens of thousands kms in the cities and outdoor

we´ve always had tools in our pockets but in certain life phase we´ve decided to move some levels up

fully in action sice 2010. we´ve been learning from the best ones in our homeland

we travel and carefully monitor the world scene

we chose original solutions in combination with approaches proven by experience and companies

we prefer regions in this order: Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan

we are the top of single speed and fixed gear disciplines in the city

at the same time we declare that anyone is welcome - cycling is a metaphor for equality

s t a g e

openminded music scene with a view on the best city
indie guitars, electronic music, low-fi, low basses, alternative and experiments
solid sound, gentle filter and zero mental barriers
we´re on the island - we play loud and open and close whenever we want

check the upcoming programme here


t e a m

our paths are unique but some things connect us
music, cycling, sound, curiosity, uncertainty,
passion, love and freedom

we go up
we are professionals but we don´t want to be cold
we are community


thu-sat 17-0

ostrov štvanice 1125




722 937 765

filip (boss) - 722 937 765

mikuláš (dílna) – 774 357 359

apolena (bar) – 776 253 970

andrej (zvuk) – 774 456 745

c o n t a c t